Downtown Boonton, New Jersey

Boonton, New Jersey

December 2005 - It was an exceptionally cold and cloudy winter afternoon when I decided to go for a walk in Boonton, New Jersey's interesting downtown district. The uniqueness of the area kept me quite occupied for awhile. I thought the curve in the road as seen in the photo above was a decent one.

Today, the norm in America's growing towns are what's known as "suburban sprawl" - impersonal cookie-cutter neighborhoods, bland shopping malls, frustrating road congestion and a total dependence on the automobile.

Well, it is a little different in downtown Boonton. Main Avenue is hugged by historic buildings on each side with interesting bends, turns and hills. Interesting buildings, including the Darress Theater, dot the walking experience.

Do be a little careful, however. Motorists tend to drive like maniacs on the main avenue and there are no speed bumps to slow vehicles down ... This is still New Jersey! ;)

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